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Christina Colmer McHugh

Female Founder Spotlight: Christina Colmer McHugh

5 March 2021|Latest Posts, Meet the Successful Founder

IWD Inspirational Female Founders Christina Colmer McHugh
IWD Inspirational Female Founders Christina Colmer McHugh

Christina Colmer McHugh is the female co-founder of Moodbeam, the company behind the first wearable device for mental health and emotional wellbeing. Initially created inspired by her daughter’s anxiety, the simple wristband – featuring two buttons and a companion app to chart how the wearer is feeling – is now being used by numerous businesses as part of wellbeing strategies.

What would you love to share to encourage other women to start their own business?

This is our time ladies, there is no one who knows your capabilities better than you. If nothing else, Covid has taught us just how good we are at spinning plates. So what if you now have to let a few drop in order to make your company fly. Being a company owner can have some moments of quiet, deliberation, isolation as you forge forward but cast the doubt aside, lose the nay sayers and surround yourself with people as passionate as you are to succeed. Only work with individuals who get what you’re doing because they love the thought of your business idea working for them. Don’t grab every opportunity that comes your way, be choosy. You can do it!

What are your five top tips for entrepreneurial success?

  • “Look to see who is innovating and supporting in your space. Reach out to me and my community on LinkedIn, and other female support networks, and start conversations through your local start up hub. Ours at C4DI is partnered with Barclays Eagle Labs who have hubs all across the UK – connect and begin to build your tribe.” 
  • “Visualise a world without your idea, business or campaign – if it’s unique in its approach and only you can achieve its potential, don’t stop for anything.” 
  • “Believe in yourself – it’s great being surrounded by likeminded individuals but it’s you have to live with. Don’t rush in, but instead listen and sleep on what’s been seen as a great opportunity.” 
  • “Don’t compromise on the original intention. It’s great to pivot, remain agile and innovate but don’t lose sight of what your bigger picture looks like.  The lure of funding and excited investors or collaborators is fantastic and a huge compliment, but you need to be confident in what it will bring, whatever form it eventually takes.” 
  • “Do a lot of listening. The world has enough nodding dogs and ‘yes’ people but to really create some magic you need to throw your ideas into the pot and let it be challenged and questioned by people who don’t necessarily think the same way you do. That’s the only way it will ever please the end user, because they’re all different too. And don’t be afraid to change things, don’t get hung up on the original look and feel – that was your baby, but it needs to grow.”

Who are the 5 women who inspire you the most? 

Michelle Obama

Sheryl Sandberg

Tobi Oredein

Maiken Paaske 

Veronica Guerin.

What are your favourite sayings/inspirational quotes?

“People can be divided into two camps – radiators and drains. Radiators beam warmth, kindness, love, happiness and enthusiasm. They smile when you walk into a room, are genuinely interested in others and make you feel good about yourself. Radiators bring out the very best in people.

“Drains have a more negative outlook on life and their glass is always half-empty. They can be self-absorbed, demanding and will often TAKE TAKE TAKE without ever giving anything back. Drains zap your energy levels with their constant need for reassurance and leave you feeling totally diminished. Drains are toxic.” Oprah Winfrey.

“Stay away from the mood hoovers!” Christina Colmer McHugh 

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