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Pontine Paus, Dr.Lipp

Inspirational Female Founder Spotlight: Pontine Paus, Dr.Lipp

Norwegian Pontine Paus founded global 100% natural skincare brand Dr.Lipp in 2004 with a mission to focus on simplifying peoples lives. A lover of the outdoors, nature, and wellness, sustainability has always been at the root of Pontine’s passions.

How did the idea come to you for the company?

I used to have a lot of eczema myself and exacerbatingly dry lips, at the time I didn’t realise I was suffering from bad allergies and later got diagnosed with coeliac disease. I couldn’t find anything that actually helped and I became obsessed with trying products trying to find something that would work that didn’t irritate. Eventually somebody suggested I use some nipple balm and I could instantly feel that it worked…so the hero ‘Original Nipple Balm for dry skin, luscious lips & glossy bits’ was born! I’m into making things simple and effective. Its very Norwegian to think like this but it’s the only way to survive the cold up north. When I launched Dr.Lipp in 2004 I didn’t know Dr.Lipp was going to evolve into a 100% natural multi-use skincare brand, stripping back everything we were taught skincare needed to be. However with the environmental issues we are all facing today it seems like the right thing to do.

How did you achieve awareness?

Through word of mouth mostly! I think it was hard for people to forget the name ‘original Nipple balm for dry skin luscious lips and glossy bits’

How have you been able to gain funding and grow?

I started Dr.Lipp with £7000 18 years ago and it has grown organically since then!

What were/are the challenges and how have you overcome these?

It’s always the people! Finding the right team with the right skill set and chemistry is the hardest part starting your own business.

There’s a reason why many private equity funds only invest in teams that have successfully worked together in the past.

Collaboration isn’t something we were taught in school but it’s the most important survival mechanism we have, even Darwin admitted his theory of survival of the fittest was wrong at the end of his career and replaced it with collaboration as they key element.

What are your plans now/for the future?

We are about to launch a 100% natural high performing multi use skincare that rolls 15 products into only 4 products. All packaged in bio plastic sugarcane tubes and FsC paper. The world doesn’t need more products it needs more efficient products. It’s a game changer in its approach to sustainability and simplifying your life. I think we can all agree that we could do with that!

What would you like to share with others to encourage them to start their own entrepreneurship journey?

Do something that you can’t find that you would like most likely there will be may others that want the same thing. The catalyst of change is always about fulfilling our needs as humanity changes.

Can you share you top tips for entrepreneurial success?

I think it boils down to one point with is to stay focused and do what you believe in.

Who are the 5 people who inspire you the most and why?

Elon Musk

David Bowie

Steve Jobs

Ester Lauder

Coco Channel

What are your favourite inspirational /motivational quotes?

‘Those that don’t believe in magic will never find it’ Ronald Dahl 

What are your Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn social handles and also website links so our readers can connect with you?

@ pontinepaus and @ drlipp across all platforms