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5 Instagram Actions To Avoid This Year

Stepping into a new year gives us time to reflect on our achievements and lessons learnt from the past, and realise exactly what we want to leave in 2021. Below are my top tips on what to leave in 2020 when it comes to your social media pages. Leave these 5 actions in the past, and get ready to smash your business goals in 2021. 

1. Cold, hard sales 

Channel your energy into turning what you offer into something people NEED. This means, incredible content, hype & consistency, mixed with FREE VALUE for your audience. Workshops, eBooks, Online sessions, all showing you do this for more than just money and are there to help and support your audience, whilst placing you as an expert in your field. If your content speaks volumes, potential clients will be messaging you, not the other way round.

2) Time consuming content creation

If you are all set up ready to take a photo, turn this into content for your page. Not just 1 or 2 pictures but multiple of what goes on ‘behind the scenes’. So take close up videos, videos of the detail, of the product/service from various angles. Put yourself in the mindset of taking content for the gram, make sure you get it in abundance! 

3) Sporadic posting 

Think about elements of your life… most work well with structure and organisation, right? When it comes to your Instagram this is no different. Keep that “SHOP OPEN” sign fully on show by giving a weekly structure with style. Love your profile and it will love you back. Motivation Monday? Every Monday! Saturday Selfies? Make sure it’s every week! So keep a diary, schedule, plan or anything else that helps you structure your page. 

4) Self Doubt

Get rid of insecure language in your captions and on your stories… ⁣

“I wasn’t going to post this but here goes”⁣ “Oh god, cringed at myself so much making this!”⁣  Wave goodbye to negative language. If you read this type of thing on someone’s page would you invest? Probably not. Instead use positive language such as…  “I’ve been so excited to show this to you all!”⁣ “I’m loving creating all these reels”. 

5) Insta-blame

t’s time to stop blaming algorithms & ‘shadow bans’ for not succeeding on Instagram. Wondering why your likes, reach and impressions have dropped? There’s a lot more incredible content out there now. Create unique, engaging content that draws in the followers, likes and customers you want. 

Remember, regardless of what speed you are going at, forward is forward. 2021 is a chance to take time to create engaging, shareable, saveable and relatable content.

For more social media tips and advice head to https://www.socialistamedia.co.uk