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About To Launch An App? Here Are Five Things To Consider First

When it comes to getting your app from the store onto the smart devices of potentially millions of people, where do you even start? 

Strong PR and communications is the springboard to getting in front of your target market. With 4.41 million apps available[1] for users to choose from, a well thought out campaign that starts even before the app has launched can make the difference between a marketing ‘buzz’ or a disastrous fizzle out. 

Here are five key things to consider when launching your app. 

1. Research your target audience

Children, teens, adults, parents, silver surfers – every demographic has different needs, desires and spending habits. Get to know the audience you are targeting through gathering demographic data on them to help you build up a better picture and plan your PR campaign. 

This will help you to be crystal clear in your brand positioning and launch strategy. 

2. Build a website

Like any other product or service, a website is the base for your app launch. You can boost your web presence in numerous ways from blogs, competitions and free trials with links to purchase the app, of course. The website allows you to remain in control of your brand message and SEO – your owned media – and you can be much more targeted with designated landing pages for each audience if you’re targeting more than one. 

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3. Create a pre-launch buzz 

The best way to create hype around your brand before launch is through growing a social media community. Find your niche, invest time in getting to know them, post frequently and invite engagement through competitions and how-to videos. Interact with similar pages to grow your following. Are you able to offer some free trials to selected followers in return for them being your brand advocate?

4. Use third party endorsement

Influencer endorsement can propel your brand forward in your target markets. The right influencers can create a noise and a buzz about your brand which acts like a snowball effect; whether that’s via social media or traditional media. Many consumers are now influenced by reading a blog or a social media post by someone they can relate to. In fact, 89 per cent of marketers say that the ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels[2]

Similarly, reaching out to credible industry journalists, analysts and thought leaders with a description of your app and a free trial in return for an endorsement will allow you to capitalise on their authority.

5. Compile an essential media pack

Images (including screenshots and high quality lifestyle images), logos, videos and review guides are all essential items in your launch press pack, but what other PR assets could you make available to a journalist? 

Paid research with your target market can help to boost print and digital brand mentions to raise awareness, both pre and post launch. It shows that you have your finger on the pulse of your target market and understand their current challenges. For example; you’re launching a wellbeing app for busy parents. Find out when was the last time they took 30 minutes for themselves to read a book or have a bath.  Research can be used to start drip feeding the press news content before you’ve even launched. 


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Sarah Woodhouse

Sarah Woodhouse is Director or Ambitious PR. The company was crowned Best PR Agency at The Drum’s RAR Awards 2018, 2019 and 2020, the national award based on client ratings. Its focus is corporate and business-to-business communications. To learn more about their service and see client success stories: get in touch.