Divine Decorations for Your Home

If you’ve not yet managed to decorate your home for Christmas and fear your baubles and tree may need an upgrade, here’s some of our top picks to grace any home with style. Victorian Etched Crystal Red Bauble If collecting gorgeous tree decorations is family tradition, this rather beautiful individually hand blown glass Victorian inspired […]

Brand Story: The Pished Fish

The Pished Fish

The Pished Fish is a story that begins with a young, fun-loving start-up enjoying unprecedented overnight success before unwittingly wandering into deep, unchartered waters where things quickly spiralled out of control.  It would have been easy enough at this point to throw in the towel but James is a stubborn ‘sole’ who refused to let […]

Brand Story: My Baker

My Baker

Simply put, My Baker is a one-stop cake concierge for time-poor, fine cake evangelists, a sort of Interflora for ‘cakey joy’ if you will!  The business began in London (every so often dipping into the South East) a feel-good vision that fed the spontaneous cake cravings of this fast-moving region. Mel was actually one of […]

Learn to chair business panel discussions successfully and raise your profile

Learn to chair business panel discussions successfully and raise your profile

As a start-up founder you’ll know that attending business panel discussions is a great way to hear about the opinions and experiences of subject matter experts. In addition, taking on the role of moderating (chairing) a panel at business events is an excellent way to raise your profile and to demonstrate your own expertise.  If […]

What Are The Benefits Of Professional Forex Training

You’ve been trading on your own for a while now, but you’re not consistently making any money. You don’t know why you can’t achieve consistency from forex trading. Professional forex training will help you get the edge in the market by providing you with all the tools and resources that professional traders use to succeed. […]

Why Interim Management Is Not Like Hiring a Permanent Executive

Hiring an interim manager

Countless companies globally are turning to interim management for help when there is a need to fill in a leadership spot. Rightly so! A good interim manager can be a big boost to your organization as they are often accompanied by unique skills. Interim managers are experts with the ability to manage projects, people, and […]

5 Things Every Marketing Plan Needs (& Why The Basics Help)

Creating a marketing plan

You’re tired of hearing about how great your competitors are. You know you have a good product, but no one knows it exists! Imagine having a marketing plan that gets people talking about your company and its products. Your customers will be so happy with the results they’ll tell their friends, who will tell their […]

What failure can teach us about success

In business, failure is as much a part of life as success, if not more so. Entrepreneurs are often driven by high achievement and therefore can feel setbacks deeply, but handled in the right way, challenges can propel us forward to go on to achieve even greater things. What do success and failure mean to […]

Mentoring For Business Success

Mentoring for business

Running a business can be hugely rewarding. I am not talking about money, but making things happen, seeing ideas work, good people succeeding. It can also be deeply frustrating and brutally challenging. I have found there is one thing above all else that helps with what is difficult. Mentoring. Guidance from someone outside a business […]