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Maeve O'Sullivan

Female Founder Spotlight: Maeve O’Sullivan

7 March 2021|Latest Posts, Meet the Successful Founder

IWD Inspirational Female Founders Spotlight: Maeve O'Sullivan
IWD Inspirational Female Founders Spotlight: Maeve O’Sullivan

Maeve is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Nurse and Female Co-Founder of Escapada Health; a retreat, clinic and online platform which provides clients with a simple, timeless and personalised 4-pillar health solution through the synergy of Chinese Medicine (TCM) integrative strategies including acupuncture, herbal medicine, nourishing nutrition, mindful movement and self-care practices. “I began my exploration of healthcare through the lens of Western Medicine when I obtained a BSc Degree in Nursing. I worked worldwide within the field for 15 years. Whilst loving Western Medicine and all its wonders, I grew curious as to what other approaches might be out there, as I felt ultimately restricted within a world of diagnostics and medication that really only supported a ‘one size fits all’ approach. 

A lecture on Chinese Medicine blew my mind, a complete medical system that was treating the whole person. So I moved to London and completed three-year full time BSc degree programme in Acupuncture. And from there, Escapada Health Retreats and Clinics were formed which brings together all that I love in medicine, Western medicine when needed but natural medicine as a core method of treating. Working within Western medicine for over a decade now has given me the knowledge and experience of knowing its strengths and weaknesses, when it is needed and when natural solutions is the best choice.”

What would you’d love to share to encourage other women to start their own company?

Passion and trust in your product and everything flows from this standpoint. Also, trust in the process. There will be many frustrating and tiring moments but once you know and trust in your product, this will pull you through those hard times. Have it clear in your mind why you are doing what you do and it will drive you with determination.

What are your 5 top tips for entrepreneurial success?

Be sure of your “why”. Know exactly why you are doing what you do 

Have support systems in place – you don’t need to do it all yourself and it’s ok to ask for help, especially in areas that aren’t your forte like marketing or PR 

Trust in the process – there will be many ups and downs, but don’t let this beat you! 

Listen to your head, heart and gut always 

If one person does not appreciate what you do, they are not for you. Just know that there will be plenty of people who will appreciate you! 

Who are the 5 women who inspire you the most?

Serena Williams: for always showing incredible strength physically and mentally 

Brené Browne: for inspiring us that vulnerability is a strength 

Sarah Gilbert: a mum of triplets who has dedicated her life to fighting deadline diseases, leading research for Corona Vaccine

Jacinda Ardern: for showcasing how Yin (feminine) approach to leadership can be sucessful 

My Sister, Grainne O’Sullivan: for your incredible fight, no matter how big that mountain is. Your strength and resilience inspires me everyday. 

IWD Inspirational Female Founders Spotlight: Maeve O'Sullivan
IWD Inspirational Female Founders Spotlight: Maeve O’Sullivan

What is your favourite saying/inspirational quote?

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts”

 Winston Churchill

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@escapadahealth (business) or @maeve.escapada_dublin(personal & clinic)