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Chloe Leibowitz

Female Founders Spotlight: Chloe Leibowitz

8 March 2021|Latest Posts, Meet the Successful Founder

Chloe Leibowitz juggles business life with a hectic household of 5 teenagers and regular international travel to the US with her Californian husband to their second home in Santa Monica. Her experiences over the past 10 years have equipped her with an understanding of her clients that is invaluable and her zest for life naturally encourages others to feel a sense of motivation and positivity. She excels in helping women grow their confidence, focus their minds on their direction and also get organised in their business for growth without burnout, incorporating her holistic approach in all that she does. As Chief Happiness Officer at We Are Tabono Chloe is the coaching and community lead as well as speaking, hosting events and building relationships.

What are your top tips 5 tips for entrepreneurial success?

Have a plan. We are huge fans of having a vision and knowing where you’re going. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you get there? It’s motivating and exciting to know what you want and what that picture looks like in the future. It’s always a fantastic way to keep you on track. When making decisions, you can check-in and ask “will this take me closer to my vision”, if it’s a yes, brilliant, if it’s not, why distract yourself?

Set goals and take action. Once you know what that future vision is it is vital that you become a goal setter and keep yourself moving forward. It’s so easy for us to become very reactive and just firefight, dealing with the day to day but not making progress towards those bigger visions. By having a tried and tested goal setting process you can ensure you keep track of where you’re going and how you get there. The next part of the puzzle is to take action and be consistent. There’s nothing quite as good for motivation as creating momentum and seeing things start to happen. Consistency will also give you professionalism.

Be brave. Time and time again I see clients holding themselves back as their fears play out and keep them playing small. Knowing what you want is one thing. Going for it is another. Now is the time to stay tuned into what you know you can do, what you know you can offer, and get out there and tell people about it. You can do it, don’t talk yourself out of it, we’re all waiting for you to shine!

Look after yourself. This is EVERYTHING!! Running your own business can be all-consuming and if you don’t look after you, you can go down and then there is no business. We are so passionate about it that it can take over if we let it. Make sure you set boundaries – with other people and with yourself – and stick to them. When do you work and when is downtime? How do you maintain a balance between work and home? And what does self-care mean to you? Do you need to be out in nature taking walks or runs? Do you need quiet time to read or meditate? Do you need time to meet a friend for coffee and a chat? Do you need regular holidays? Work out what you need and then plan everything else around that.

Surround yourself with a supportive tribe. You need support to thrive and grow, none of us can do it all alone, even though we might try. Finding a supportive business community that can help you feel connected, provide knowledge and learning opportunities, and most of all support you as an individual, is an absolute must. These people are your cheerleaders, somewhere to go when you’re having a brilliant time or a rubbish time. Find them and hang on to them!

Who are the 5 women who inspire you the most?

Anna Verghese – My business partner. Her dedication and professionalism is hugely inspiring and I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else! She is the practical, detailed counterpart to my otherwise flighty people person and we balance each other out perfectly!

Michelle Obama – Listening to her book, Becoming, was like sitting and having a cup of tea with her whilst she told you all about her life. She is beyond inspiring, and the whole way she approaches life is something to aspire to.

Kamala Harris – The inauguration earlier this year was just something else and I struggled to have dry eyes. I found it overwhelmingly hopeful in so many way, not least to see this strong woman of colour taking the role of Vice President in the USA. It really feels like something special that she is there and leading the way for future generations of women.

Denise Duffield-Thomas – Having recently read her book, Chillpreneur, I love her straight-talking style that instantly makes you feel like she’s just a normal woman, but one who is a hugely successful entrepreneur and claims to be a lazy millionaire!! She most definitely endorses the need to look after yourself and not run yourself ragged whilst building your business, but to work smarter. I’m all for that.

Reece Witherspoon – I’m a huge fan of hers. I love her acting, I love her personal character and I love how she actively champions and produces movies, books and TV shows that showcase strong women. I’m a massive fan of Big Little Lies and can’t wait for (hopefully) season 3!!

What is your favourite saying/inspirational quote?

“Create the highest, grandest vision for your life, because you become what you believe” Oprah Winfrey

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