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How entrepreneurs can avoid burnout

How entrepreneurs can avoid burnout

7 June 2021|Latest Posts, Lifestyle, Psychology

How new entrepreneurs can avoid burnout
How new entrepreneurs can avoid burnout

Launching a start-up can be both exciting and exhausting in equal measures – but sometimes the long hours, heavy work load and uncertainty of it all can cause us to burnout and feel physically and mentally exhausted, promoting conditions such as chronic migraines and exhaustion. 

Here, Dr Giuseppe Aragona, GP and online doctor for Prescription Doctor reveals his tips for preventing burnout when launching a new business venture. 

1. Set yourself work boundaries 

When launching a start-up, it can be easy to get into the habit of working all hours of the day, this is your business and your passion so of course your going to want to work on it as much as possible, however this is one of the main ways you will cause yourself to burnout and it will be counterproductive. Set yourself boundaries, so ensuring you don’t work past 9pm at night or before 8am in the mornings. Ensure you allow time for yourself to think and have a time out from the work, this will also help to keep the creative juices flowing so going for a walk or getting outside will help.

2. Have a good routine

In a normal job you have a routine, a 9-5 and you take the evenings and weekends for yourself, this should be the same for your start up. Ensure you get into a good routine of having at least 7/8 hours sleep a night, have a good breakfast and start work at 9. Take an hour’s lunch break and make sure you take time away from your screen, whether that be getting out the house or making yourself a nice lunch. Ensure you switch off in the evenings and spend these precious hours unwinding with a good TV show or something that will completely take you away from work. 

3. Take regular breaks

Taking regular breaks away from your work will allow you to breathe and stay calm and preventing you to feel overwhelmed and burnt out. Taking an hour lunch break as well as regular 10-minute breaks throughout the day will help to allow you to not feel too consumed by the work.

4. Hire help

There is no shame in hiring help for your start up – perhaps ask a friend if they can help you with some admin bits? Or if you really do feel you need help, why not hire someone to take the load off. You may lose a bit of money through paying them, but your health and wellbeing takes priority.

5. Stay healthy and hydrated

Whilst working its super important to ensure you are keeping yourself well hydrated and drinking regularly throughout the day. Try and keep a bottle near you so you can keep drinking and filling it up each time. Eating healthily should also be a priority, eating lots of fresh fruit and veg will not only keep you feeling good but should boost brain power to ensure you are working to the best of your ability.

6. Take time for yourself

The most important thing of all when launching a start-up is ensuring you take time for yourself away from your work. Whether that’s exercise, meeting a friend for lunch, going to a spa or shopping. Having your weekends for you and away from the laptop will help you to feel sane and you will feel refreshed come Monday as you’ve had a good two day break away from it all.