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How to sell your products through Amazon

How to successfully sell your products on Amazon

Have you considered selling on Amazon? You have a great website to sell your products, but how are you going to drum up custom for your operation? Perhaps you are making beautiful candles from home, for example, and would like to share them with the world. All that’s important is knowing you have a great product that needs to be seen by more than just your current audience.

In the UK, Amazon’s net sales have doubled since 2013 and currently the country is Amazon’s second biggest market in Europe after Germany. The UK also happens to be the leading European location where Amazon has the highest number of fulfilment services. 

Data from a 2020 study revealed that the monthly number of new UK sellers on Amazon increased by 30% from 2017 to 2020. Numbers peaked in July 2018 with more than 16,000 new British sellers entering Amazon marketplace.

It’s easier than you may think

The prospect of selling your products with the machine that is Amazon may seem quite daunting at first, but it needn’t be. The whole system is tiered from basic seller accounts right the way through to Prime. Providing you have a UK bank account and are registered as a business, you are welcome with open arms. 

Is Amazon right for me?

Many people ask me if selling through Amazon is right for them. Generally, my response is ‘why not!’

Like most sellers, you are likely already selling a product elsewhere, adhering to your promised fulfilment times and shipping your items to your customers in a timely manner. If this is the case, then you’re ready to be an Amazon seller. 

Some of the many benefits of selling via marketplaces like Amazon include a sealed customer management system, advanced inventory tools and clear financial reporting. I have known businesses in the past who have simply utilised these tools alone for managing their stock levels. 

As mentioned earlier, Amazon UK alone has some incredible statistics but if you are considering growing sales then get started with one trial product and see how you go. Providing you get the first steps right you are then in a position to upgrade your account to sell on any one of Amazon Europe’s additional sites such as Amazon.de.

How to get started

Getting started on Amazon is really simple, head over to Amazonsellercentral.co.uk and create your account. You will need to submit personal ID and company registration documents which can take up to a week to validate.

Once your account is validated you can then go and dress the windows by adding your logo, creating your first listing and specifying how you would like to ship your items. All that is required from you is to ensure you keep your fulfilment promise once the order is in. 


Tom Marchant has an abundance of digital marketing experience gained from the launch of two global fashion retail start-up companies in the UK and Germany. His skills dominate the ecommerce sector focusing on CRM/logistics and multiple sales channels from Google to worldwide marketplaces and email marketing. 

When not working at PMW Communications you will find Tom running, swimming and riding horses. 

His many hobbies include perfumery on a technical level and music production for which he was once listed in the beatport club house charts.  marketing agency PMW