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Inspirational Female Founder Spotlight: Claire Renée Thomas

Claire Renée Thomas is a life coach and founder of Reaching My Best. She is one of the few certified mental fitness coaches in the UK. Her passion and focus is on guiding and empowering women all over the world to unlock their full potential and overcome any obstacles they may be facing personally or professionally. Her mission is not just to guide individuals to greater fulfilment, but to empower them to lead rewarding, purpose-driven lives.

Can you tell us a little about your background and the company?

I’ve had a squiggly career, from management consultant to interior design to life coach. I love analytics, problem solving and listening to people to see what they really need. These skills have come out in their different guises is each of the jobs I’ve had, but there has also been a strong desire for creativity. So, my current business beautifully combines all the skills I have picked up on my life journey. I’ve even managed to combine creativity with coaching.

How did the idea come to you for the company?

A skills/personality assessment at my last workplace suggested coaching as a perfect fit for me so I thought I would give it a try. It’s an incredible feeling when you help someone make a change in their life and they realise how they can reach their potential. I wanted to incorporate this feeling into my business name – which is how Reaching My Best was formed.

How did you achieve awareness?

I suspect this question refers to awareness in the market, yet my job is all about creating awareness within myself and allowing others to cultivate their own self-awareness. And this ties nicely in with achieving awareness of my business. I love sharing my journey and insight. I aim to be as authentic and honest as I can when I share my message as I believe others appreciate this and know when a message is genuine. Just as my clients are on a journey I am too, and they can learn from my experiences as well.

What are the key successes?

I believe the key to success is understanding yourself and being patient. I’ve learnt that everyone has a “THE best solution that will solve ALL your problems” and yet we are as unique as the solutions we come up with ourselves. The key is to take advice when it’s needed, but to only take on board what feels right. Everyone can benefit from having a coach; someone who will challenge you without judgement and guide you to find solutions that works for you. Above all it’s important to remember that just as “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, a business isn’t either!

What were/are the challenges and how have you overcome these?

Fellow business owners are always forthcoming with words of wisdom and it can feel overwhelming when you start your own business. Am I doing it right? What if it fails? I have found that taking the time to consider what you are offering to who is a great start. And then to not be wedded to a specific plan. Events unfurl as they will so the key is to be flexible and to keep adapting. It’s never going to be a linear journey. I’ve learnt to go with the flow and be with what is! And I will share that isn’t always easy!

What are your plans now/for the future?

I have just launched a new coaching product that I am really excited about. It perfectly combines all the skills I have acquired over my lifetime, and it was purely born from a place of love with no attachment to a specific goal. I’ve developed a set of beautiful coaching cards that are designed to take people on a year-long mindful journey of self-rediscovery so that everyone can shine their light and reach their best. I don’t know what the future will bring so I will see what happens with my Shine your Light, Reach your Best cards and will go from there.

What would you like to share with others to encourage them to start their own entrepreneurship journey?

If you are thinking about being an entrepreneur, then that most likely means that you are meant to be one. Fear will always hold us back. It’s completely normal and no-one is immune to it. But we can overcome fear and grow. We can literally achieve anything we want if we consistently take small steps in that direction each day. Ask yourself what is the worst that could happen?

Can you share your top tips for entrepreneurial success?

  1. Feel the fear and do it anyway!
  2. There is always an easy way
  3. If you don’t have the skills or don’t like parts of the “job”, get someone who does to do it
  4. Don’t try to learn everything yourself – you’ll get lost in endless courses!
  5. Be patient – it will happen as and when it’s meant to
  6. Surround yourself with people that lift and inspire you and that will listen to you when you need advice and guidance

Who are the 5 people who inspire you the most and why?

Ekhart Tolle – the Master of Presence, his book “The Power of Now” is really powerful and encourages us to be in the moment.

Michelle Obama – her story is inspiring on many levels and I sense that through all her experiences she has stayed true to herself. I greatly admire this quality.

Shirzad Chamine – author and found of Positive Intelligence. His mental fitness programme that I trained to offer to my own clients beautifully combines how we self-sabotage, with how we can be more present and access of own inner wisdom through the power of the Sage. This work can literally bring peace, love and awareness to the world if everyone practiced it. This inspires me daily.

Steve Jobs – I’ve always be a tech/gadget geek, yet I love form as much as function. William Morris famously said ““Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Steve Jobs Apple creations have changed the world as we know it and Apple devices will always bring me joy. I believe he was known to design from a place of “being” which completely resonates with me. 

My dog “Watson” – I know this is a strange one, and I know he’s not human, yet each day he reminds me how to be present. He loves me unconditionally and is always excited to see me. He doesn’t hold grudges. He doesn’t judge. He just loves being around me. He lives for the moment (and his walks and dinner) and I find these powerful reminders of what is important.

What are your favourite inspirational /motivational quotes?

I love inspirational quotes and find them useful. They evolve as I grow. I used to like “Just do it” when I needed to find motivation. As I have practiced more mindfulness, I changed it to “Just be it”. And most recently I came up with “It is. I am” – 4 words in 7 letters that encapsulate so much for me.

What are your Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn social handles and also website links so our readers can connect with you?  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reachingmybest/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reachingmybest

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clairethomasmindsetmindfulnesscoach/