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Inspirational Female Founder Spotlight: Danielle Baron

Danielle Baron is an education and well-being pioneer and an advocate for children and women empowerment. Since becoming an entrepreneur, she has combined education with coaching and therapeutic techniques to ensure that young people can push through unhelpful personal and academic beliefs and reach their optimum potential to develop skills for life, such as confidence, emotional regulation, resilience,  financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Danielle is also currently representing the Miss Great Britain brand as a Finalist for Ms Great Britain 2023, which takes place this October

Can you tell us a little about your background and the company?

I was a teacher and assistant head teacher for ten years before I decided to found my education company. I have always loved teaching and working with children and have always been an advocate for them. During my time working in schools, I noticed obvious gaps in the education system and this was one of my motivations for forming my company as well as being a mother of two, one a new born and then becoming a single parent. So I either had to sink or swim in terms of the business. Failure wasn’t an option for me.

How did the idea come to you for the company?

I felt there was a need to personalise education for each child based on how they personally learn or think and not their cohort.

How did you achieve awareness?

I achieved awareness of the company by firstly building up a word-of-mouth following but then in addition now I have a social media following. I’m now also an education and well-being influencer so have a following for this too.

How have you been able to gain funding and grow?

I have never asked for funding, although I did nearly get on The Apprentice last year because I was looking for investment to develop products and will still be doing that this year. But from my education business, I used my profits from the last few years to invest in myself to become a therapist and coach for children and teenagers. This has enabled my business to grow exponentially because it is not just about the academics, but the psychology of children and understanding the workings of their mind that is important to help with academic progress as well as personal progress, such as emotional resilience and helpful, positive beliefs about themselves.

What are the key successes?

I’ve reached the top of my game in the tuition world and I see this as an achievement because lots of unseen effort has gone into reaching this. It is like an ice-berg analogy- so much more hard work, failure and effort is inconspicuous underwater.

What were/are the challenges and how have you overcome these?

Owning your own business brings many challenges, namely juggling other aspects of your life with your business because lines can become blurred, especially because I work mainly from home. Prioritising important tasks has been a challenge as more success has occurred and this means more choices and decisions, but I feel I have mastered it in the main. Delegating is a challenge to me because I have a specific vision and it can be difficult to communicate this sometimes about what is exactly in my head. It was a challenge to be building my business while looking after a new born baby as well as an older child but we got through it though perseverance and I’m thankful to my clients for having faith in me to do it. I’ll be forever grateful for that.

What are your plans now/for the future?

I plan to move into products now for education and well-being. Going through The Apprentice process really helped me to focus on the future of my business so I’m grateful for that. Rejection is protection and redirection so I’m excited to see where this new venture leads. I’m also a finalist for Ms Great Britain this year and am so honoured to be part of what the brand actually stand for, which is confidence, empowerment and aspirations.

What would you like to share with others to encourage them to start their own entrepreneurship journey?

You need to have a huge WHY and passion for what you do to help you to overcome the difficult times. Learn from someone who is five steps ahead of you to avoid making some mistakes and to learn faster, but when you do make mistakes then this is also an opportunity for a huge learning curve. Sometimes its going to be daunting but feel the fear and do it anyway. Consistency will carry you through and will help build momentum. Become an expert in your field and know that the more you serve others, the more success you will have. Find solutions to the problems of your clients and tribe, bridge the gaps. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, so think carefully.

Can you share your top tips for entrepreneurial success?

-The most important thing you can do is keep investing in your self-development and being a life-long student.

-Listen to your clients-this will help you direct your business appropriately.

-Do the tasks that you dread first. Don’t procrastinate with them. Use Mel Robbin’s tip of 5,4,3,2,1 and just do it.

-Keep an eye on expenses. Spending is necessary for the development of a business, but make sure that you are allocating funds in a specific and optimum way. Sometimes you may need to take a measured risk with this.

-Being flexible and adaptable, while maintain boundaries that promote your integrity and self-care are crucial.

-Setting up systems and efficient ways of doing things are crucial for your business. Have systems in place so that if you need to delegate, this will be easier for you to do.

Who are the 5 people who inspire you the most and why?

There are so many to name but my friend Simon Alexander Ong. He is the author of Energize and I started following his coaching journey early on and he is inspirational in terms of his incredible mindset but also his drive to find new ways to deliver and to create.

Tony Robbins has also been inspirational to me because of his many decades of helping people and his vast knowledge.

Jessica Cunningham for her unique and vivacious energy. She can illuminate any room she is in.

My eldest daughter Annabelle inspires me to be a better educator, coach and therapist with the difficulties that she has gone through. I’m incredibly proud of her coming out the other side of obstacles and every time I am pushed to the limit to be better. She’s one of my greatest teachers.

Marisa Peer – She is so knowledgeable and her training gave me a solid basis for understanding the human mind.

What are your favourite inspirational/motivational quotes?

“In life you will meet two kinds of people. Ones who build you up, and the ones who tear you down. But in the end, you will thank them both.”  Author Unknown

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

“The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.”- Tony Robbins

“Where focus goes, energy flows.” Tony Robbins

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” – Jim Rohn

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Nelson Mandela

What are your Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn social handles:

Instagram: danielle_baron_educoaching

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/DanielleJBaron

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielle-baron%C2%AE-2a014b1a1/

Email: [email protected]