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Britta Hochkeppel

Inspiring Female Founder Spotlight: Britta Hochkeppel

Britta Hochkeppel is an Author, Naturopath, Intuitive Healer and Holistic Therapist now living in Essex. Working hard in her business, Vita Serena (https://vitaserena.co.uk) which she established after many years of her own trauma therapy and healing journey, Britta is now providing the possibility of physical, emotional and spiritual restoration and healing for clients who have long-since given up on more traditional methods of medicine.

Britta is the founder of The TECT Technique (Trauma-Erasing-Colour-Technology) as well as creator of her Aura Oracle Healing Cards.

Using alternative medicine, together with traditional methods and her unique sense of universal energy, Britta’s track record is impressive, curing 97% of her clients of everything from PTSD to migraines, and alleviating depression and even cancer within just a few sessions. In addition to her healing gift, Britta’s latest book, Healing Symbols from a Higher Dimension – gives readers the chance to utilise symbols ‘downloaded’ to her to tap into their higher consciousness, experiencing greater contentment and deep healing from physical and emotional trauma.

Can you tell us a little about your background and the company?

I decided to name my company Vita Serena as it stands for vitality and serenity – I wanted to combine something these 2 areas and it just developed from there. 

I’ve been practising for over 25 years and I have a medical background with the ability to connect and read a person’s energy and I have performed many, many success stories. Meaning that my healing technique, the frequency shift treatment and my trauma erase colour technique that I’ve developed and patented, are proving extremely powerful and successful. I’ve healed Fibromyalgia, I’ve healed tumours. I’ve got two cancer clients who I have documented and have got the evidence regarding the scans, etc. and they’re prepared to communicate with the press as well. My most recent success story is a gentleman who had a tumour on his left adrenal which has completely disappeared.

My work revolves around removing people’s trauma, the trauma that has lodged somewhere in the energy body. The energy body affects the physical body and the emotional body, so I have an ability to remove any clogged molecules that contribute to creating manifesting disease. With the combination of being a naturopath where I having learned anatomy, physiology and the chemistry of the body, and then being able to read and connect to people’s auras and energies – it is the ideal combination really, to manifest and perform in the profession that I do.

How did the idea come to you for the company?

The idea came because I wanted to name it Vita Serena, vitality and serenity. My logo has a butterfly with the symbol for a Chinese symbol of eternity. It’s about the eternal transformation and being limitless and vital. Vitality and serene. So, that’s how the idea came to the name of the company, Vita Serena.

The actual company

My business is something that developed as a result of my calling…. Being a born healer and passionate about making a positive difference in peoples lives.

How did you achieve awareness?

I achieve awareness by meditation and by connecting with nature, walking in nature, exercise, living a clean lifestyle and I have always been very aware of energy and everything in the exterior world,  the animal kingdom, nature, or people.

How have you been able to gain funding and grow?

I have never up to this day received any funding for my company, but the growth has developed from the word-of-mouth advertising, because of the amazing success stories. My key success stories are healing people from cancer. One lady came to me who had three tumours in her right breast which have all disappeared. She’s been cancer-free now for, I think, three years.

What are the key successes?

I had another lady who had lymphoma, and she’s been clear for seven years. I’ve just recently had a gentleman who had a tumour on his adrenal gland that has completely disappeared. I have treated hundreds of people for various physical ailments who are now fine.

What were/are the challenges and how have you overcome these?

Challenges as such I feel are created by media who are brainwashing people into the fear of spending money and looking after their health. However, I personally do not experience any of this because luckily, most people are waking up and aware that their body and their health is priority.

Plans for the future

My plans are to expand my profile to become a known healer in the world, for not just one thing, but also for my healing techniques. For people to explore my book, “Healing Symbols from a Higher Dimension”, as well as my self-help book, “The Key to Loving Yourself”. I think it is important that books like these, which I’ve created and written for the masses, are easy to absorb and very healing. I help them to start on their healing journey, to become their own healers, because it is our belief system that is the healer.

What would you like to share with others to encourage them to start their own entrepreneurship journey?

Sharing with others to encourage them to start their own journey, to follow their heart’s purpose, to not allow fear to hold them back, or any other exterior factors, because the external factors can be people who are trying to project their fear of failing on to you. You have to follow your heart and you know what makes your heart skip a beat. You know what fills you with joy and vitality. This is something that people will feel within and so know to follow their heart.

My top tips for entrepreneurs’ success

Never give up. Work hard. Put your work first because your work is your life. Live and breathe your work and love what you do.

Five people who inspire me the most and why

People have inspired me are Dr. Wayne Dyer, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden. They’re all scientists, people who have dedicated their life to sharing their wisdom. They have also created programmes for people to follow, to understand how the mind and body works and how powerful the words that we think are, in affecting the chemical responses of the brain and the entire body. This is how we can become our own healers and evolve to being a limitless being.

Favourite inspirational or motivational quotes

I don’t have favourite inspirational or motivational quotes. I thrive on affirmations because the brain doesn’t know the difference between a truth or a lie.

Affirmations hold a high frequency wavelength so I feed on inspirational affirmations. These are:

I am powerful. I am fearless. I am ready. I am more than enough. I am strong. I am bright.





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