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Nini Baby founders

Meet the Founders: Kevin and Suze Patel of Nini Baby

Nini Baby is a business committed to enhancing babies’ sleep through the authentic Indian tradition of swinging cots. With its uniquely designed swinging cot, the NiniPod, parents across the world are being introduced to a transformative, effective sleep method; this cot mimics the movements that babies experience in the womb, easing them into a deeper and more fulfilling sleep naturally. Meanwhile, its contemporary design makes the NiniPod a beautiful addition to any nursery, positioning it as a leading, purposeful innovation.

Behind Nini Baby are the brand’s co-founders; husband-and-wife team Kevin and Suze Patel. As a married couple, Kevin and Suze were delighted when they welcomed their beautiful baby boy into the world. Unfortunately however, they struggled to get him to sleep for any decent length of time; as a result, Kevin and Suze became increasingly concerned. Meanwhile, Suze was personally struggling with post-natal depression, something which of course became an immediate priority. These experiences quickly began to take their toll, at which point a relative introduced Kevin and Suze to a solution that stems from the family’s Indian heritage – swinging cots. Overnight, their lives improved drastically as their little boy’s sleep routine became more consistent and successful – all thanks to what was, essentially, a swinging hammock. The idea that something so simple could address their biggest hurdle was bemusing but, nevertheless, materialised.

Kevin and Suze soon began to notice that fellow parents were interested in the notion of swinging cots. Upon welcoming friends and family into their home, visitors were fascinated with its effectiveness, as the swinging cot kept their little one so soundly asleep when he needed rest. Although, Kevin and Suze found that swinging cots simply weren’t available here in the UK – especially premium swinging cots. With that, Nini Baby was born; the couple took it upon themselves to create a tool which they truly believe can help every parent, easing this daunting transition with love and tradition at its very core. Through creating the NiniPod, Nini Baby have bought a beloved tradition into the 21st century.

Nini Baby

With previous experience in business development, Kevin is well-positioned to drive the growth of a flourishing new business. Meanwhile, Suze brings passionate creativity and drive as the brand’s creative director. Together, they’re determined to improve parents’ experiences, using the NiniPod to enhance babies’ sleep and, in turn, ease parents’ concerns.

There is an abundance of USP’s behind Nini Baby. With regards to the NiniPod specifically, the cot boasts a breathable mattress with advanced air permeability, meaning there is no restriction of air flow. Meanwhile, the cot comes with the Nini Swaddle, can swing and bounce, helps to promote a healthy vestibular system, is travel friendly, has 3 inclined positions to help ease reflux and mesh screens for improved visibility. Similarly, the overarching brand is unique in that it’s been created by parents who truly understand the realities of parenthood – every function has been designed to fulfil a purpose, meaning absolutely nothing about the business nor its products is without undeniable value. Each of Nini Baby’s products solves a problem, makes a difference and lasts longer than current market competitors.

When asked what their most successful innovation has been, Kevin and Suze said:

‘The NiniPod is undoubtedly our most successful innovation; we’ve received an amazing response to it so far and we’re already seeing it enrich the lives of fellow parents. Of course, this hasn’t come without challenges. We’ve struggled to find the best teams to work alongside (we’ve got there now!) and were hugely impacted by the pandemic – we’d just launched a business and suddenly we couldn’t connect with parents at shows and events, something we were incredibly reliant upon. Meanwhile, we were unable to visit our manufacturers in-person due to travel restrictions and faced continuous, unavoidable delays. Thankfully, we’re now coming out the other side and we can’t wait to see Nini Baby thrive.’

When it comes to the secret behind Nini Baby’s success, Kevin and Suze feel their accomplishments are attributable to finding hard working, enthusiastic teams to work alongside. This gives way to strong communication and sought-after results, allowing Nini Baby to grow into the credible, respected brand that it now is. This success can be seen already, with Kevin and Suze unveiling one of their proudest achievements thus far:

‘One of our biggest successes has undoubtedly been the press exposure that we’ve accumulated in such a short period of time. Within a matter of months, we’ve been trusted by and featured in both national and international publications, with these highly respected platforms endorsing our expertise and supporting our brand – that speaks volumes. From the Daily Express to Mother & Baby, the Mail Online, Fabulous and The Sun (Scottish, Irish and U.S editions) to name just a few, we’ve been blown away with how many potential customers we’ve been able to reach and, ultimately, how many platforms have believed in what we’re doing. It truly solidifies our belief that parents need the NiniPod; we’ve created a life-changing piece of technology and people are excited by it!’

Now, Kevin and Suze are looking to the future; they’re planning to enhance their sustainability efforts, release new products and take the NiniPod to new heights, making it a commonplace necessity in nurseries globally. Their advice for fellow entrepreneurs? ‘Work with people you trust, surround yourself with talent, be persistent, ensure you’re willing to make sacrifices and always take educated risks. Always be willing to listen, embracing advice from experienced peers.’ Meanwhile, if all else fails, Kevin and Suze draw inspiration from one quote: ‘If you want things other people have, do things other people won’t do.’

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