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Sara Hamou

Meet the Successful Founder – Sara Hamou

17 March 2021|Latest Posts, Meet the Successful Founder

Meet the Successful Founder - Sara Hamou
Meet the Successful Founder – Sara Hamou

Sara Hamou, 36, is an entrepreneur with a legal background and a passion for championing start-ups. A founder of successful tea company, Chew, Sara was inspired to join forces with skincare specialist Nadav Shraibom, to form Medovie, a natural skincare brand, deep rooted in traditional Chinese herbalism.

Hamou has an enviable track record as a business woman. She was at the helm at Censura – a company providing administrative support to start-ups and already had numerous business successes under her belt. 

After meeting Shraibom, who had spent years developing Medovie’s innovative 3HX™ formula, and seeing the results it had on chronic skin conditions, Sara felt compelled to join him at the helm, and help drive it to success.

“The results were incredible and really fuelled our passion to create an all natural pharma company together, to enable people with skin conditions to stop depending on steroids and ultimately lead a better quality of life”, explains Sara.

Medovie was launched in the UK, in July 2020, and within a few short months of their launch, demand for their products rocketed, with a reported 400 percent increase in demand for consultations over the lockdown period alone. 

Sara attributes part of her success to her drive and unwillingness to be treated any differently to her male counterparts. As a female lawyer, she recalls, around 99 per cent of business founders she met were men. 

“I am not a 9-5er. I’ve always wanted to challenge myself. As a lawyer, I always asked myself why it’s so often men who set up companies, why didn’t I have a female founder sitting in front of me? This drove me to want to succeed myself, something, from someone with my Middle Eastern background, was particularly hard to do as a woman.”

She believes a good part of the company’s success is down to the strength of her and Nadav’s working relationship. 

“I found Nadav a very passionate entrepreneur, with strong values that are also reflected in our products – those of honesty and transparency,” she explains. Combining these qualities with a life changing product was the key to their success. 

“So many products are made with exaggerated claims these days, promising miracle cures. We wanted to make a difference – but we would never promise a customer anything just for sales. We want to prove ourselves and our success, through the positive outcomes of our customers.”

Sara was initially involved during the manufacturing stages as an Executive Director and then went on to become CEO, once she was fully convinced by the efficacy of Medovie products.

“Our products are a game changer for people suffering from chronic skin conditions. Being part of an organisation that transforms people’s lives is so rewarding. It’s more than just a business, there is a spiritual dimension to what we do.”  Setting up the business hasn’t been without its challenges. With the backdrop of Covid and during the Brexit transition, they have been very real. 

“Starting a business can be stressful alone, but the current situation makes it even more stressful,” she reveals. “The challenge of getting customers to know you and see the efficacy of your product, the challenge of raising investments during Covid times, the challenge of knowing what is the best timing to release products onto the market, these can all keep you awake at night.” Alongside these challenges there have been numerous successes.

“On a personal level, it has been amazing to be able to help. When someone tells you that they haven’t slept for years because of itchiness and discomfort, but they can see light at the end of the tunnel, that they can sleep, go out and show their hands, it’s an amazing feeling. It’s different to previous business successes, helping raise money for start-ups, you lack that emotional connection. Working for Medovie, you really feel connected emotionally with the people you are trying to help.

You realise how much people suffer with these conditions every day. When you get a letter saying how they can’t begin to thank you. We have so many people that tell us this on a daily basis.I honestly believe there is no other natural product like this anywhere in the world, that can be used for the long term.

I have learned so much through all this process. Leaving my comfort zone, doing something completely new, investing all my savings. I have learned the hard way, but my successes have been my failures, you need to have multiple attempts at succeeding before you do, and now with Medovie growing day by day , it feels like it was all for the right reasons. Our vision is for Medovie to be the number ONE company in the world providing safe, effective, natural products that are here for the long term, our products and consultations providing relief and transforming lives of those with painful, problematic skin,”she explains.

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