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Private members' clubs - the most exclusive and expensive in the world

Private members’ clubs – the most exclusive and expensive

Mingling, networking, expanding your social circle and eating and drinking the finest foods and drinks in town – these are the benefits of private members’ clubs. With lockdown and closed offices over the last year, many of these clubs experienced a boom in popularity, as people were looking for private places to work and spend some time outside their homes. Soho House is only one of these modern-day clubs whose membership became a new kind of status symbol for the young, trendy and creatives.

The top 5 most expensive private members’ clubs

Here is the breakdown of what you need to pay out to join the most sought after and exclusive members’ clubs in this world. 

1. Yellowstone Club, Montana, USA

Fees: £290,000 joining fee, £30,000 yearly

How to become a member: You need to own a property in the area around the club’s grounds, which cost between 1.5m – £18m

Rumoured members: Bill Gates, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Eric Schmidt (Google), Gisele Bundchen, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner

Wait time: Unknown – memberships are limited to 864 households

Perks: What else would you need besides the chance to bump into JT? Maybe 15 ski lifts and around 60 ski trails, a private golf course and a youth centre with a movie theatre and other indoor entertainment facilities

2. The Tanglin Club, Singapore

Fees: £72,000 joining fee, £912 yearly

How to become a member: You need to be recommended by two 3+-year members

Rumoured members: Unknown

Wait time: 10-15 years

Perks: A salon, gym, outdoor pool, squash and a tennis court and six different restaurants and bars

3. The American Club, Hong Kong

Fees: £46,000 joining fee, £2,800 annually

How to become a member: You need to be American and must be proposed and seconded by an existing member

Rumoured members: Unknown

Wait time: 1-2 years

Perks: Restaurants serving American food, a gym, spa, pool, tennis and squash court, kids play area and American events, such as Thanksgiving festivities

4. The Core, NY and Milan 

Fees: £36,000 joining fee, £11,000 annually

How to become a member: You need to be referred by a member or partner of the club

Rumoured members: Jay-Z, The Clintons, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Tory Burch

Wait time: Unknown

Perks: A gym, library, beauty salon and spa, exclusive events and an art collection

5. Carnegie Club, Skibo Castle, Scotland

Fees: £30,000 joining fee, £9,500 yearly

How to join: Unknown

Rumoured members: Various Russian oligarchs, Madonna and Guy Ritchie (who got married there)

Wait time: Unknown, but memberships are highly limited

Perks: Horse stable, a pool, tennis court, clay-pigeon shooting area, falconry, archery, a spa, library, drawing room, golf course and a dance hall with live music

Royal and celebrity favourite clubs

Where do celebrities and royals go when they want to have fun out of the public eye? Naturally, somewhere where the mortals like us will never be able to set a foot into. London hosts even more than one private members’ club frequented by royals and British politicians alike. White’s is London’s oldest gentlemen’s club, and its probably most famous members are none other than Prince William and his father the Prince of Wales. 

The British royals seem to love their London private clubs. Prince William and Prince Harry are rumoured to have been members of The Turf Club; Prince Charles and William apparently also have frequented Brook’s; and the Prince of Wales is also said to have been a member of the legendary Annabel’s club during his heydays.

For the rich and famous of Los Angeles, the San Vicente Bungalows club is the place to be. The club opened its doors to celebrities and VIPs in 2018, and with a yearly fee of £3,000, it is one of the more affordable clubs – if you manage to get accepted. But if you make it, a drink with John, Mayer, Tracee Ellis Ross, Eddie Redmayne, Michelle Obama, George Clooney or Leonardo Dicaprio could be your new Friday night ritual.

One establishment not to leave out is Club 33. Founded by no other than the legendary Walt Disney, Club 33 started in the Walt Disney theme park in Anaheim. The club now has two other houses in Shanghai and Tokyo, all located within the Disneyland premises. Club 33 is extremely exclusive, expensive and sought after. To become a member, a joining fee of £27,000 and a yearly fee of £7,000 are due. Its members include actors Tom Hanks and John Stamos, as well as Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West.

Which city has the most clubs for the rich and royal?

Of all the 42 clubs that made it onto the list, 14 of them are located in the same city. And with its history and tradition, it might not come as a surprise that London has the highest number of exclusive and expensive clubs, with most of them located in the Soho area.

Being home to six clubs from the list, New York City is taking second place. Los Angeles can boast four of the top establishments, and Hong Kong has a moderate two clubs. 

Affordable and accessible private members’ clubs

Luckily, you do not have to have millions in your bank account anymore to enjoy the perks and benefits of private clubs. From a female, business-focused club to an Amsterdam club that only costs £42 a year – these are the best alternatives shaking up the scene.

Soho House

Soho House became a worldwide phenomenon in recent years. Its 28 clubs across the world are bringing together people with a creative mindset. Its prices start at £1,300 per year, and they offer a discount for people under 27.

The Allbright, L.A. & London

The club was founded in 2017 by two women whose aim is to empower and support other women and help them achieve their goals. Currently, the Allbright has a club in London and one in Los Angeles. The club membership costs £1,500 a year and gives access to networking events, parties and other social events.

The Ministry, London

A freelancer’s and hot-desker’s dream, the Ministry is “made for creatives by creatives”. It is a great workplace and even offers a sound studio for musicians, podcasters and the like. And the best? You are allowed to bring your dog.

A’dam&co, Amsterdam

Located in Amsterdam, A’dam&co prides itself to be inclusive and supportive of creatives from music, arts, and design and leveraging true friendship. On top of that, it is super affordable. The membership costs only £42 a year with a £15 joining fee.

Article Source: Leader Doors