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Throw Away All You Think You Know About Marketing Your Business

Throw Away All You Think You Know About Marketing Your Business

3 December 2020|Business Growth, Latest Posts, Launching a business, Marketing, PR, Promotion

Throw Away All You Think You Know About Marketing Your Business
Throw Away All You Think You Know About Marketing Your Business

By Richard Fletcher.    Too many business owners rely on a marketing strategy that really isn’t up to scratch. They might have services and offers that would blow their competitors out the water, but unfortunately that counts for very little if few people (or simply the wrong people) get to hear about them. 

This is a problem, and it has to do with the fact that some outdated and even outright wrong marketing techniques just won’t go away. Whether it’s because coaches keep on teaching them or they seem like a more straightforward route to a hefty income, huge numbers of otherwise impressive entrepreneurs are plugging away at marketing techniques that will only serve to hold them back. 

Here’s how you should really be marketing your business, and what you need to learn to avoid…  

What not to do… 

There are a whole load of “do nots” to bear in mind when marketing your business, but there is one that needs our attention more than most. You see, one of the biggest killers of an otherwise lucrative business plan is paying through the nose to advertise in all the wrong places. 

When you’re an entrepreneur – and especially if you’re just starting out – every bit of profit counts. So, surely, it would be ridiculous to throw away money on advertisements that often aren’t all that targeted and will likely have a low click rate. 

The right way to market your business 

“But how else am I supposed to advertise my services?” is the usual response to this suggestion. Well, the answer is actually fairly simple: organic marketing. Admittedly, organic marketing does require more patience and a different set of skills than forking out money on advertising does, but it is a far more rewarding and profitable long-term marketing strategy. 

For most people, social media will be by far the best way for them to market their business organically. But here again, there are potential pitfalls that even the most savvy business people have a habit of falling into, and it can be easy for people to go badly wrong when trying to establish their online presence. 

From over-posting and underselling to not representing yourself or your brand in quite the right way, there are many ways you can swing and miss with organic marketing. Put these tips into practice, though, and you could be well on your way to longer client lists and a consistently higher income.  

Prioritise quality 

While it may be tempting to establish a memorable online presence by posting as frequently as possible to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever else your social media platform of choice may be, this makes you memorable for all the wrong reasons. Let’s be honest: people who post constantly get annoying, fast, especially if they don’t have all that much to say.

You need to make sure that you always prioritise quality over quantity with your posts, and aim to get interesting, engaging content out at most once a day. This means not simply posting sales post after sales post – which, let’s face it, looks a little desperate – but figuring out what your audience wants to see and getting it out in front of them. This will be infinitely more attractive to your followers and lead to more engagement on your posts, which is important for a number of reasons. 

Engage your target audience 

Basically, posts with more engagement (meaning more likes, comments and shares) are favoured by social media algorithms. As a result, they are placed higher on peoples’ news feeds and in searches, so they get far more reach. This is crucial, because it means that more people will see your posts and, by extension, your brand and offers. 

But remember that you aren’t just trying to reach a wide audience – you are trying to reach your target audience. So, as mentioned above, it is imperative you figure out what your audience responds well to, and start to post more of it without getting boring. You could do this by, for example, posting one day about your business’ backstory, the next about the key things your followers need to know about your main offer, and the next asking them for their insights on a relevant, related topic. 

Now this may sound all well and good for those with an established social media presence, but what about people who are just getting started? Well, there are plenty of ways to expand your reach through social media, including tagging your posts, making content that relates to trending topics, encouraging conversation between followers in the comments, and putting out content that is shareable, such as relatable images, inspiring anecdotes, or useful infographics. 

Be your best self 

To use social media in a way that will get your prospects to bite, you also need to work out how best to put yourself across in your posts. As an entrepreneur, it is crucial you establish yourself as authoritative, but also personable and approachable, because this is far more likely to draw people in than condescension will. So try being relatable, friendly, and maybe even funny, all while ensuring you get across that you understand exactly what your target audience needs. 

It is important you retain this level of good-natured professionalism when interested followers inquire about your services over social media. You have to prove to people that you are trustworthy, credible, and good to work with, so treat your instant messages and comments like you would any other inquiry or sales pitch. They offer a similar opportunity for you to convince your ideal clients that your services are right for them, and figure out who you might not want to work with. 

About the Author:

Richard Fletcher is an upbeat, down to earth business coach with a whole range of experience under his belt. After so many years’ worth of experience and a lot of figuring things out along the way, Richard has now established himself as a highly successful coach, who you can trust to help you boost your brand and bring in the big bucks, often within just a few weeks. Starting his current business from scratch, these days Magic Sauce Marketing will very often bring in between 20k and 33k in a single week. This is not the result of luck. Making the most of his social media platforms to establish his brand, Richard was able to get his high-ticket programmes seen by all the right people, without having to spend a lot of money.

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