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Business Tips For A Zero-Waste Founder

Business Tips From A Zero-Waste Founder

Running a zero-waste business always starts with passion. Passion for the products, passion for ‘being better’ and passion for the planet. In order to ensure that you’re going to have the biggest impact, you need to consider all elements of your business from manufacturing and supply chain to the packaging that you use. For me, being a zero-waste business founder meant continually learning and developing and continually improving all elements of our business to ensure we’re having the most impact possible on the people and the planet.

Increasing consumer demand for environmentally focused businesses

When thinking about setting up a zero-waste business, why not go one better and try to go organic and use locally sourced ingredients too. Be confident that you have a real, engaged eco-minded audience that is waiting for your product. As consumer demand for environmentally-focused businesses increases, people are placing greater importance on the brands and the products they choose to support. Being truly committed to being the best version of yourself is vital in attracting these consumers. 

A sustainable business comes from passion

So just how important is passion? Very. Creating an ethical zero-waste business goes against the grain of traditional business. From your investors to your bank, being truly ethical means you’re often pushed to go against business advice and follow your own path. This can sometimes feel scary, but knowing you’re going in the right direction and prioritising people and the planet is always what gets me through. This is where passion comes in. Those businesses that set up ethical companies and have no passion for the world in which we live, will struggle to cut through. Passion is what drives us when times are tough.

For me, setting up Lamazuna was driven by passion. It all started with cleansing wipes and the waste this was creating, this was something I found truly shocking. The idea that I could create a company that was helping people go zero-waste in the bathroom was a real motivation for me. 

Having a passion for people and the planet is also vital for preventing greenwash. As a zero-waste business ensuring that you’re truly committed to the cause is vital, choose your mission based on your heart and not profit. 

Remember, it’s not about perfection, it’s about being transparent and striving to be better. You’re not going to make all the right choices straight away, but ensuring you learn from your mistakes is essential. No business is perfect, but getting aligned on your mission for doing better for people and the planet will help your zero-waste business thrive. 

About the Author

Laetitia Van De Walle is Founder of French-based zero waste lifestyle brand, Lamazuna. It all began in 2010 when she decided it was time to stop using five disposable cotton pads and a toner to cleanse her face every day. Instead, she began using simple, ultra-soft microfibre cleansing wipes that could be reused hundreds of times. This was Lamazuna’s first product. The first website launched in 2010 and then Laetitia began branching out to offer a range of other everyday zero-waste items… and the rest is history.