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Dr Kate Tomas

Female Founder Spotlight: Dr Kate Tomas

6 March 2021|Latest Posts, Meet the Successful Founder

IWD Inspirational Female Founders Spotlight: Dr Kate Tomas
IWD Inspirational Female Founders Spotlight: Dr Kate Tomas

I’m Dr Kate Tomas, The Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Mentor. I’m a highly trained psychic, mentor and teacher, with a doctoral degree in philosophical theology from the University of Oxford. I run two companies, Fearless Femme Ltd and Ouroboros Limited Editions. I work with forward thinking women to teach them ancient and modern spiritual practices in a way that engages their entire being. Rather than needing to suspend their rational minds and critical faculties, my students are encouraged to deeply explore with their full being the world of energy and spiritual practice. As the the founder of Ouroboros Limited Editions, I create and sell true magical talismans.

What would you love to share to encourage other women to start their own business?

I think one of the most important things to realise is that no one is coming to save you. And so if you want to improve the quality of your relationships, your living situation, your bank balance or your happiness, it really will need to start with realising this, and then taking action. That’s not to say that independence is to be held up as something to achieve – I am deeply against the story women have been told that independence is the only option to patriarchal oppression. But as women we have been told all sorts of lies about how the world works, most of them do a pretty good job of keeping us poor; emotionally and financially tied to a man; and trapped in some way or other. True liberation comes from realising you can demand more, you are entitled to better, and you have the capacity to insist on it. 

We need more entrepreneurs who are not men, and who are women specifically, because it is only in community and collaboration with other women and people who are not men, that we get to change the very structure of society. Starting your own business then, is a radical act that can have long lasting positive change not just to you but to all marginalised and oppressed people, if done right.

What are your 5 top tips for entrepreneurial success?

1) Realise you don’t have to do things the way they ‘have always been done’ – rethink how you structure your contracts, what you prioritise, how you do business. Most businesses are run by men who are not concerned with the liberation of others. Do you want to replicate that?

2) Set yourself up with multiple streams of income as soon as you can. Never put all your eggs in one basket.

3) Expect and embrace change. Look at your five year plans and even your 90 day plans as blueprints. Life, your health, relationships and events will be the bricks and mortar of your business, so don’t just accept changes, welcome them. You will then build a company that you love and that fits you like a custom velvet suit.

4) Prioritise and schedule-in rest. Hustle culture is toxic and a symptom of colonial patriarchal capitalism. Sleep. 

5) Never try to please everyone. Don’t even try to please most people. Get clear on who you really are and make decisions based on showing up as that person, in integrity all the time.

Who are the women who inspire you the most?

I think the culture of hero worship is a really dangerous one, especially in business. I think we are encouraged to fetishise the results and the facade rather than the process, the journey, the way in which these results were achieved which is actually so much more important. There are few people I don’t know personally who I find truly inspiring, because for me, inspiration comes from really knowing someone and how they show up when things are hard. Having said that, Kathleen Cleaver remains an inspiration despite not knowing her personally. My students and clients inspire me the most, and getting to work with them remains the biggest reward of any success.

What is your favourite saying/inspirational quote?

You are the one you have been waiting for.

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