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Kate Carney

Female Founder Spotlight: Kate Carney

5 March 2021|Latest Posts, Meet the Successful Founder

IWD Inspirational Female Founders Spotlight: Kate Carney
IWD Inspirational Female Founders Spotlight: Kate Carney

Kate Carney is the Founder Owner of Sip & Share, the UK’s fastest-growing craft gin and spirits membership discounts club. This innovative twist on a subscription club is shaking up the spirits sector. Created in October 2020 the exclusive membership community now has over 230 members. Kate explains, “What started as an established love of gin naturally evolved into a members club, offering considerable savings on a diverse range of special spirits, weekly get-togethers, Community events and parties”. Sip & Share introduces craft distillers and brands from around the UK to gin-lovers. Whilst home-schooling 2 primary school-aged children through lockdown, Kate continues to have her own marketing consultancy business (est 2010) and owns and runs a mental health platform working in partnership with the NHS. Kate is a TedX speaker this year, May 2021. 

Wh­at would you love to sh­are to encourage oth­er women to start th­eir own business?

You don’t have to have a specialist skill – you can learn and upskill, but what you do need to do is utilise your natural ability to build relationships, problem-solve and be an optimist! Whether it’s dealing with our family, helping our friends solve problems or not letting us feel downtrodden when it feels like the world is on our shoulders, as women we often have a lot of real-life experience which translates into the business world more easily than we may think. If you can tap into your own experiences, ask yourself what your passion is, what you’re bothered about and what you enjoy this insight is a great, strong starting point to look for an opportunity and start your own business. For me, what started as a love of Gin, brands and communities has turned into Sip & Share, so I know we can do it.

What are your top 5 tips for en­trepreneurial success?

Stay agile – start small and stay flexible – don’t go making big investments when you start, work from your kitchen table and living room floor.
Know your purpose – why do you do what you do and what impact do you want to make? These are big questions.
Focus on the relationships not the output – you never know who people know and how these relationships could help you scale.
Be positive – in your mindset, in your language and in your interactions, it will pay you back in bucketloads in every sense.
Think about what you can do with no money – of course as you grow you’ll spend and make investments, but when you start, think what can you do without spending, it’s a healthy challenge to stay creative in your thinking.

Who are the 5 women who inspire you the most?

Jesy Nelson – Little Mix are my daughter’s favourite band and I think that the way Jesy has articulated her experiences in mental health and trolling has been a fantastic example to my 8yr old.
Emma Watson – as an actress and campaigner – her ability to articulate herself and stand up for what she believes in
Taylor Swift – she seems like she has a healthy attitude towards business, relationships and music
Michelle Obama – I don’t think this needs any explanation does it?!
My nana – at 93 having 3 late husbands and still full of optimism and energy 

What is your favourite saying/inspirational quote?

“Just because someone says something about you, doesn’t make it true”. 

I think this has both positive and negative connotations but stops me from getting caught up in hearing any negativity as well as thinking people thinking and saying I’m great or doing well. Helps me stay level-headed and I say this line to my kids a lot. You need to know who you are before listening too much to anyone else!

Website and socials Website:

Website: www.sipandshare.co.uk

Company Instagram: @sipandshareuk

Instagram: @katecarneyuk