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René Murata

Female Founder Spotlight: René Murata

25 April 2021|Latest Posts, Meet the Successful Founder

Meet the Successful Founder: René Murata
Meet the Successful Founder: René Murata

As the owner and CEO of two businesses, CEO Essence and Risk Integrity Safety Knowledge, INC, Transformational Leadership Coach René Murata knows a thing or two about guiding with both purpose and compassion. Working to encourage more women to speak out and take charge, she hopes to show that collaboration and cooperation definitely do have a place in decisive leadership. René Murata has only ever had one boss that was a positive role model, while many others sought only to belittle those they managed. But she knows from experience that in order to get the best out of people, you need to listen well, communicate effectively, and understand the power of your words. Now a Transformational Leadership Coach, she teaches women how to incorporate the best of the masculine and feminine energies in leadership, using a methodology that seeks to empower both manager and managed.

What would you love to share to encourage other women to start their own company?

Your journey is unique.  So many women feel that their journey is uninspiring, uninteresting, or unimportant, that they are afraid to step forward and follow their passion.  All our lives we have been told to sit down, be quiet, be polite, be…something.  So, why not be strong? Be bright? Be an inspiration?  Your story is unique to you.  I know you’ve heard this, but have you HEARD this?  How many women in your life, with “uninspiring” stories have inspired you?  How many have lifted you up with their words, cheering you on to be your best version of yourself?  So, who will you inspire? Who will you lift up?  

What are your 5 top tips for entrepreneurial success? 

1. Know your core values and stick to them, no matter what.  If you start compromising your values, you will lose your reason for starting in the first place and quickly go to burnout.

2. Define your mission statement.  Know your “why” for starting in the first place.  Put that in a visible place and stay focused on it always.  During the dark days it will keep you going.

3. Have a vision.  This will provide guidance for where you want to go and how you will get there.

4. Surround yourself with believers.  Friends and family may tell you you can’t, shouldn’t, won’t, etc. find new friends.  

5. Practice self care.  This can be as simple as taking 5 deep breaths, and drinking more water, or as extravagant as taking a week long vacation.  Take care of you.

Who are the 5 women who inspire you the most?

Janet Benaquisto – Long time friend and confidant.  She keeps me honest in the most loving and compassionate way possible.

Brene’ Brown – She keeps it real.  When she was struggling with the political environment of yesteryear, she was honest about it in her social media.  She is not afraid of showing her vulnerability.

Nada Howarth – She was my Light Body instructor, and now a dear friend.  She is authentic, vulnerable, and loving; a light to everyone around her.  

Maya Angelou-What can one say about her?  She was fierce, raw, loving, authentic, and brilliant.  She was willing to shine her light, to be her authentic self even when outside forces would have stopped her.

Pixie Lighthorse-Her books Prayers of Honoring, Prayers of Honoring Voice and Boundaries & Protection are books that I go back to time and again.

What is your favourite saying/inspirational quote?

One of my favorites is from Einstein:

“Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that some spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe, one that is vastly superior to that of man.”

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