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Samantha Touchais

Female Founder Spotlight: Samantha Touchais

7 June 2021|Female Founder Spotlight, Latest Posts

Female Founder Spotlight: Samantha Touchais
Female Founder Spotlight: Samantha Touchais

Samantha Touchais works with women all over the world who are looking to safely and securely launch their own business. She offers 1:1 coaching and courses, and through her A+ Process teaches her clients to awaken to their purpose, align with their why, act on their learnings and achieve their dreams and goals.

She has helped many women to confidently launch businesses they are passionate about and uses a combination of her 20+ years as a 6-figure marketing executive and her certification as an NLP Master Practitioner to provide the tools and techniques needed to enable her clients to successfully transition to the role of entrepreneur.  We caught up with her recently to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey.  

Samantha grew up in Sydney, Australia, and has lived in a total of 6 countries, speaks several languages, has written four books and is now living in a 400 year old house on the medieval wine route in Eastern France with her husband and two children. 

I am a Business and Mindset coach for women. I started my career working for global consumer companies in marketing, and thanks to this career have lived and worked all over the world.

However, after 20+ years I decided that I wanted a different balance in my life, including looking after my young children.

Tragically, in 2015, our twin baby boys died at birth. I realised then just how precious life is, and felt an even stronger urge to make the most of every minute. 

Shortly after our sons’ deaths, it was discovered that I had not one, but two life-threatening and extremely rare illnesses. The doctors had never seen such a combination of conditions and I was put on extreme medication to stop their progression. I was so ill and trying to balance everything in my life that I knew something had to give. 

Through this series of challenges and personal tragedies, I discovered the power of the mind and decided to study mindset as I believe it is such a powerful tool that we can all tap into.

In addition to my university degree, I gained my masters certification in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) as well as a certification in mindfulness.

I now help aspiring female entrepreneurs launch their own businesses, as well as help women who have already started their own business but are not yet seeing the traction or results they want. We work on creating the right vision for their business, understanding what drives them, we set up strong business foundations and create and achieve goals that bring them enormous success. But most importantly, together we ensure that the business they dream of building fits into their vision of an ideal life. The two must work in harmony.

A few years before launching my coaching business I had created two other businesses. I was living in Switzerland at the time and these two businesses were Swiss-based only.
When my husband announced he had been offered a role in Germany, which meant we were moving countries again, I decided to create a business that was independent of location.
I decided to share my two decades of business, marketing and sales experience as well as the additional mindset and mindfulness training and came up with the idea of being a business and mindset coach for women.

I now run two businesses; the first is Samantha Touchais Coaching and the second is called The Well-Being Company which sells my books and apps based on mindset for adults and children (www.wellbeingseries.com)

Social media has worked really well for me in terms of finding my audience and my ideal client. But the challenge is always to maintain that awareness and so I invest a lot of my own personal time and energy into maintaining relationships with the connections I have made on social media, and I also regularly offer my expertise as a podcast guest as well as featuring in magazine articles.

I started my business with very little money and have been consciously re-investing into my business every month. I’ve been very strict with how I divide up my monthly profits, always ensuring that a percentage goes back into growing my business.

Female Founder Spotlight: Samantha Touchais
Female Founder Spotlight: Samantha Touchais

From a business point of view I have been able to establish a client base relatively quickly. My clients are the heart of my business and without them my business would not exist. 

The incredible connections I have made with women from all around the world has allowed me to share my experience and expertise and to help others on their entrepreneurial journey and as my personal mission is to be a teacher and inspiration for others, being true to this mission has been my biggest success to date.

The biggest challenge for me has been establishing personal and emotional boundaries. I watched other business coaches on social media doing things and sharing things I was not comfortable with myself. I have had to get clear on how much of my personal life I was willing to share with others, as well as how much of my emotional energy I was willing to put into the business every day. It has not been a static process, and I’ve learned so much about myself along the way, as well as how to safely and comfortably use social media to grow a business.

Setting clear personal boundaries is crucial for anyone starting out on their entrepreneurial journey as it protects against burnout which is one of the biggest killers of businesses, particularly amongst female founders. 

I want to continue working daily with fabulous women helping them to launch and grow their businesses in both a group coaching capacity as well 1:1. Post Covid I will also be cohosting retreats, with a particular focus on mindset for life and for business. There are a few more books in the pipeline too!

I left behind an incredible salary and an amazing job, but I do not regret it for a second! Running your own business is such a wonderful opportunity and I highly recommend it to everyone. The benefits I see on a daily basis include using my creativity, helping others in a meaningful way, and living a much more balanced and purposeful existence. I now have so much more time for myself, for my family, for my continuing development and for my clients. I would not have it any other way.

My top tips are:

Get clear on why you want to launch a business, what you can offer, what is unique about you, who you want to help and who needs your help. This will form the foundations for your business

Get to know your ideal client or customer intimately – what pain points are they trying to overcome or what pleasure do they want to add to their life

Be willing to make mistakes but ensure you learn from them. Having a growth mindset is a crucial part of being a successful entrepreneur. 

Do not be afraid to ask for help. Even the most successful businesspeople have coaches and mentors in their life

Be yourself! Being authentically you is what you will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace

People who inspire me include:

Our Rich Journey – I follow this couple on YouTube and Instagram as they are fantastic advocates of the FIRE movement (Financial Independence Retire Early)


Jordan Page – I love her energy and she has great financial tips for a managing a marge family (she has 8 children!) 


JK Rowling – as an author myself, I really admire her journey to becoming published, her tenacity and her incredible imagination. I hold her in my mind to remind myself not to give up. 


Oprah – I follow her on YouTube as she conducts such inspiring interviews, and is such an inspiration herself 


Jacinda Ardern – the Prime Minister of New Zealand. She is so young to be in such a leadership position but she is a trail blazer for working mothers and general. The world needs more women like her in power. 


My favourite quote is:

 Louise Hay – ‘I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.’

You can find me here: