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Five Things to Focus on NOW to Survive the Crisis

Five Things to Focus on NOW to Survive the Crisis

25 November 2020|Business Growth, Crisis Management, Latest Posts, Marketing, PR, Promotion

Five Things to Focus on NOW to Survive the Crisis
Five Things to Focus on NOW to Survive the Crisis

By Richard Fletcher.  This year has not been easy for anyone, but entrepreneurs have been dealt a particularly heavy blow by the Covid-19 crisis. The restrictions put into place to prevent the pandemic from getting out of hand have brought mass instability and a recession in their wake, and many business owners are unsure of whether they will survive. 

But it is possible to get through this unprecedented period not only unscathed, but successful. From practical tips to crucial mindset tweaks, here are the five things you need to do now if you want to survive the current crisis. 

Up your online presence 

At the moment, with lockdowns ongoing and many non-essential businesses forced to close, the online world has become the best (and, for some, the only) place to do business. Whether you usually rely on footfall or spend a lot of time at networking events, the internet has alternatives that could revolutionise your business. 

Social media, for example, would allow you to reach out to new people from different parts of the world, while online marketplaces offer you a new platform to sell your goods and expand your customer base. Find whatever works best for you and your business, and figure out a way to adapt. 

Try not to get too ahead of yourself, though, and ensure you have a strategy. No one likes an over-poster, or someone who spends all their time in people’s messages desperately trying to make a sale. 

Keep in touch 

It’s also important to keep in touch with your clients and prospects – don’t let them forget about you. Even if financial constraints have forced them to distance themselves from your services or products doesn’t mean they won’t need them in the future. Make sure you are the first person they think of when they feel secure enough to invest, either during the crisis or after. 

There are several ways you can do this. Maybe you could offer a discount to loyal clients and customers, or post about exclusive deals on your social media. You could also check in with people, which you can either do directly (so long as you know them well enough that it doesn’t come across as intrusive), or by inviting followers and newsletter recipients to share how they’re doing and what they’re up to. 


While the current climate doesn’t immediately look as though it offers much to be optimistic about, it does present a pretty fantastic opportunity for you to sit down and give your business plan and offers a good, hard look. 

You can always improve, so use the time and space you have now to really think about what your business needs, where it’s going wrong, and how it could be better. You might end up making the changes you need to come out on top during the ongoing period of uncertainty, or set yourself up to really hit the ground running once normality makes its welcome return. 

Skill up 

While all improvement has the potential to do great things for you and your business, you shouldn’t just focus on improving on the things you already do or that you know already work. This moment in time is ideal for you to start learning new skills that could help you to level up in your industry, and make your business better and more adaptable than it’s ever been. 

Time is so valuable, and usually we have so little of it. But now, due to reductions in working days and restrictions on where we can go and who we can see, most people have more of it than ever. So do use your additional time wisely and broaden your knowledge. 

Really, there’s no excuse not to learn new skills that you may have previously put off. And, by doing so, either through courses, blog posts, books, or free online resources, you give yourself the best chance possible of adapting to extraordinary circumstances. Limit yourself, though, and you run the risk of getting caught out when the market changes. 

Commit to success 

It is absolutely vital that you commit to success, especially when times get tough. It can be so easy to throw in the towel when things look bleak, but that sort of attitude will always be more responsible for your failures than outside circumstances ever will. 

Starting and running a business is not easy, and there will always be obstacles to overcome. In order to do well, you have to be determined, resilient, and adaptable in the face of change. The coronavirus crisis is no exception. So find ways to keep yourself afloat: fine tune your online presence, make sure your clients remember you, and improve in every area you can. You will make it out the other side, so long as you put in the work. 

You shouldn’t just be committed to your own success, but the success of your clients, too. This period of recession is pretty terrifying for everyone, and the people you work with need to know that the product or service they are investing in will get them to where they need to go. Remember that, no matter what is going on in the world, happy clients are absolutely crucial to the long-term success of your business. 

About the Author:

Richard Fletcher is an upbeat, down to earth business coach with a whole range of experience under his belt. After so many years’ worth of experience and a lot of figuring things out along the way, Richard has now established himself as a highly successful coach, who you can trust to help you boost your brand and bring in the big bucks, often within just a few weeks. Starting his current business from scratch, these days Magic Sauce Marketing will very often bring in between 20k and 33k in a single week. This is not the result of luck. Making the most of his social media platforms to establish his brand, Richard was able to get his high-ticket programmes seen by all the right people, without having to spend a lot of money.

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