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Inspirational Female Founder Spotlight: Emily Abraham

Emily Abraham founded Knightsbridge pre-loved designer store Love Luxury with her husband Adam Abraham in 2021 after many years of working in the luxury goods industry. 

Specialising in buying and selling some of the world’s most prestigious luxury accessories including Chanel and Hermès bags and Rolex and Patek Philippe watches, the family-run store has quickly become a go-to for customers all over the world looking to purchase the most sought after and exclusive high-end designer pieces.

Thanks to Love Luxury’s popular social media accounts Emily has also become recognised for her expertise in the secondary designer market, with more than 1.9Million followers on TikTok Emily is often spotted on the front row of fashion weeks all over the world. 

Here she shares her entrepreneurship journey:

My business Love Luxury started as a side project, running alongside the other London buy for cash stores my husband Adam and I ran. It was during covid when we recognized the demand for pre-loved designer goods and the boom in the market and decided to re-brand and focus predominantly on growing this arm of the business. Love Luxury was officially born in early 2022 when we opened our first store in London’s Knightsbridge, a stones throw away from Harrods and we’ve gone from strength to strength ever since, with the opening of our first store in Dubai in October 2023.

As well as Hermès bags we also specialise in high end luxury items including Rolex watches and Chanel accessories.

How did the idea come to you for the company?

I worked in the beauty and aesthetic industry for a large part of my career. When I met my husband Adam seven years ago he specialised in luxury good, for a while we ran our businesses separately but as Covid put a pause to the cosmetic side of things we decided to focus on what we could do which was e-commerce. We noticed a big gap in the market to buy and sell luxury goods at that time which we focused on, and as Love Luxury took off online we made the decision to open the first Love Luxury store in Knightsbridge.

How did you achieve awareness?

We created social media accounts for the Love Luxury store shortly after opening as we realised the importance ofthem in order to communicate with clients as well as increase awareness of the brand. It was shortly after starting our TikTok channel that we started to receive huge numbers of views on a lot of our content. This really took off when we got our daughter Moo involved who was 9 at the time. Moo often pops into the store after school and on weekends, and it was on one weekend that she was stuck for things to do in the shop and asked if she could get involved with the Tik-Tok content. We came up with the idea of letting her dress up in the shop’s stock and giving her the role of ‘the billionaire’s daughter’ in a humorous way of showcasing  the pre-loved goods available in store. The 40 second video showed Moo wearing a Hermes bag and Cartier jewellery to the value of £58,500 whilst dad Adam posed as her bodyguard. The first couple of hours the Tik-Tok received the usual 100 or so views but the viewing figures continued to rise and within a 24 hours it had reached over 1 million people.

The video has now received 84.1M views, making it one of the world’s largest viewed fashion focussed Tik-Toks. We’ve  since hired a social team to build on the popularity of the viral video and have since gained 1,8Million followers on the channel. We’re now regularly recognised globally , and have had people from all over the world asking for selfies in public or visiting the Knightsbridge and Dubai  stores to meet ‘the billionaire’s daughter’. The opportunities that have come from the viral video have also been huge. Moo has walked in shows for the last two seasons of London Fashion Week and we’re often invited to events all over the world due to the huge popularity.

What are the key successes?

We’ve recently opened our second branch of Love Luxury in Dubai where I am currently based, while my husband splits his time between here and the London store. That has been a real moment of success for us and we’re excited to expand even further in the near future.

What were/are the challenges and how have you overcome these?

There will sadly always be negative and jealous people who will try and bring you down but I’ve overcome this by not letting any negativity impact me. It’s important to have a strong, trustworthy network to surround yourself with and use the times when people said you wouldn’t be successful as ammunition to motivate you to be the best you can. My team all work very hard to make sure every single person who deals with Love Luxury has the best experience possible, the positivity from clients and the team soon outweighs the negative.

What are your plans now/for the future?

The plan is to grow the Love Luxury business until we’re a global name in pre-loved designer fashion. The secondary fashion market is really booming so now is definitely the time to put out plans into action. The sky is the limit for us!

What would you like to share with others to encourage them to start their own entrepreneurship journey?

It’s never too late! I’ve had various other projects and worked in other industries before I found success with Love Luxury. The founder of KFC was in his 70’s when he made it, I think that’s very inspiring!

What are your favourite inspirational /motivational quotes?

‘Behind every setback is an opportunity’ It’s really important to learn from every set back and issue that might not go to plan, both in life and business. A successful person will have made many mistakes in life before they get to where they want to be, and every single one is an opportunity to learn. I have always lived by this motto and it helps to remember this during rough times in all elements of life.

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