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Dr Joanna Martin

Meet the Successful Founder: Dr Joanna Martin

6 March 2021|Latest Posts, Meet the Successful Founder

Meet the Successful Founder: Dr Joanna Martin
Meet the Successful Founder: Dr Joanna Martin

Dr Joanna Martin is a renowned visionary, coach and catalyst; leading women into a new global paradigm. Her message and work have directly impacted over 70,000 people on 4 different continents. Jo is founder of One of many® a community for women leaders and entrepreneurs, providing leadership training and coaching. Heralded by many members of the community as a true movement for sustainable change, the diverse membership include politicians, CEOs, partners in major global organisations, doctors, lawyers, accountants, activists, mothers, grandmothers, and daughters united in their desire to change their corner of the world.

Encouraging other women

It’s your vision, follow your intuition, silence your inner critic and take that first step. Be aware that being an entrepreneur can be all consuming. If you burn out, who will create the vision you see for the future? Be aware of the signs of stress and burnout, create an overwhelm ‘first aid kit’, and be compassionate – to yourself and to others.

5 ways to stay positive on the road to success 

1 Get grateful
Practice “thinking and thanking” at the end of each day, scan back over the events of the past 24 hours and notice all the positive things that have happened. Say thank you, and ask for more. Pretty soon your brain will start scanning for the positive in your life rather than the negative.

2 Tell your story
Write down a positive experience from the past. Describe what happened and how it made you feel. Try to be as detailed as possible. Reliving a time when you experienced how to create positive change will allow your brain to experience it twice, and remind you of what it feels like to achieve something wonderful.

3 Meditate
When you’re on the path to create positive change, it can be tempting to push yourself even harder. But a few minutes of meditation every day will give you the chance to pause, reflect and focus on the task at hand. It doesn’t have to be sitting with your thoughts, it could be simply pausing everything to drink a cuppa. Find something that works for you, and make it a habit.

4 The Sunshine mail
Each day when you sit down to work, send a positive message to someone. You could be thanking them for something they did, or showing your support for their journey. What a beautiful way to feel part of a collective journey, and to make others’ lives that bit brighter.

5 Emotional hygiene
It’s important to remember that you’ll experience ups and downs along the way. That means finding out how to handle your “negative” emotions. Think about how you can safely acknowledge and express your emotions without letting them takeover – then write it down.