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Top Artist Collaborations Fans Dream Of: Adele and Lady Gaga Lead the Frenzy

A groundbreaking study has unveiled the artist collaborations that would generate the most excitement among fans. By analyzing the top ten most popular artists on Spotify and two Grammy Album of the Year winners, the research compared artists within similar genres to identify the ultimate duos. Factors such as monthly listeners, followers, playlist reach, and total streams were considered to determine the best potential matches. The results reveal that a collaboration between Lady Gaga and Adele would create the highest level of anticipation and enthusiasm among music lovers.

In a new study, conducted by the QR Code Generator, a collaboration between Lady Gaga and Adele would be the most popular artist collaboration for fans. 

Using data sourced from Music Metrics Vault and SongStats, this study identifies the artist collaborations that would cause the most frenzy amongst respective fans.  

The monthly listeners, followers, total streams and playlist reach for each artist were determined and compared to identify which artists had the closest similarities in popularity. The artists with a percentage score closest to 100 are deemed most compatible.  

Artist collaborations effectively generate excitement among fans. By combining popular artists’ sounds, they enhance fan engagement and unite diverse audiences. This study aims to identify the artists with the greatest potential to achieve these outcomes. 

Coming top as the collab fans would be most hyped about is Adele ft. Lady Gaga, as the two artists’ fan bases are a whopping 99.93% similar.  

The most similar metric the two share is total Spotify streams, as Adele reports 20.8 billion and Lady Gaga reports 21.7 billion, marking a 4.33% difference. Adele, however, boasts the most followers at 55.6 million, while Lady Gaga has 29.9 million.  

Ranking as the second collab with the most potential is Kendrick Lamar ft. Nicki Minaj, with the two artists having a similarity percentage of 98.35%.  

The pairs most similar metric is their total streams; Kendrick Lamar boasts 37.8 billion while Nicki Minaj secures 37 billion, resulting in a -2.1% difference. Kendrick Lamar, however, boasts the most monthly listeners at 78.3 million compared to Nicki Minaj’s 47.9 million.  

In third is Taylor Swift ft. The Weeknd, two of the most popular artists of this generation – the pair have a similarity of 95.56%.  

The two artists both have huge popularity bases; Taylor Swift has 105.2 million monthly listeners, while The Weeknd has 108.1 million, a percentage difference of 2.74%. The pair’s followers differ, however, with Swift securing 111.7 million followers, while The Weeknd has 84.2 million. 

Ranking fourth as the most exciting collaboration is Harry Styles ft. Lana Del Rey, who share a similarity percentage of 91.19%. 

The two popular artists share a similar playlist reach, with Styles having a reach of 888 million and Lana Del Rey securing 867 million, a difference of -2.36%. Their total streams slightly differ, however, with Styles garnering 21.8 billion streams, while Del Rey secures 26.6 billion.  

Ranked as the fifth collab that would cause the most frenzy is Ariana Grande ft. Post Malone, who share a similarity percentage of 90.03%.  

The pair’s most similar metric is also their playlist reach, with Grande securing a reach of 1.1 billion and Post Malone securing a 1.3 billion reach. Their Spotify followers, however, differ by almost half, with counts of 96.6 million and 44 million, respectively.  

In sixth place is a Post Malone ft. Dua Lipa collab; these two artists share a similarity percentage of 88.67%. 

The most similar metric between the two is their Spotify follower count – Post Malone currently has 44 million followers, while Dua Lipa has 43.5, a difference of -1.25%. They also have a similar playlist reach, with a count of 1.3 billion and 1.3 billion, respectively.  

Ranking seventh as the collab that would cause the most frenzy is Rihanna ft. Dua Lipa, who share a similarity percentage of 84.06%.  

The biggest similarity between the two is their playlist reach, as Rihanna amasses an impressive 1.29 billion and Dua Lipa slightly ahead at 1.33 billion. Their total streams show a notable difference, with Rihanna garnering 42.4 billion streams, while Dua Lipa secures 32.4 billion.  

In eighth is a Drake ft. Ariana Grande collab. These two popular artists, although different in their genre, show a similarity of 82.29%. 

The main similarity between Drake and Ariana Grande is in their follower counts, with Drake boasting 90 million followers and Ariana Grande leading with 96.6 billion – a difference of 7.42%. However, their total streams show a stark contrast, with Drake accumulating 100.5 billion streams, more than double Ariana Grande’s 48 billion. 

Ninth in the ranking is The Weeknd ft. Billie Eilish, who share a similar fan base metric of 75.69%.  

The Weeknd and Billie Eilish share a similar playlist reach, with The Weeknd appearing in 1.55 billion playlists on Spotify and Billie Eilish in 1.1 billion. However, their total streams reveal a significant difference, with The Weeknd amassing 66.5 billion streams, nearly double Billie Eilish’s 35 billion. 

Finally, in tenth place is a Billie Eilish ft. SZA collab, two artists from different genres whose unique styles could blend to create a new musical experience. Their similarity percentage stands at 65.91%. 

The most similar metric between Billie Eilish and SZA is the number of playlists they appear in; Billie Eilish appears in 1.1 billion Spotify playlists, while SZA appears in 1.12 billion – a small difference of 1.82%. However, their follower counts show a different story as Billie Eilish boasts an impressive 95 million followers, while SZA boasts 20.3 million, a 75 million difference. 

The top ten collaborations with the most potential 

Main Artist Best Collab Percentage Difference Similarity Percentage Ranking 
Adele Lady Gaga -0.07% 99.93% 
Kendrick Lamar Nicki Minaj -1.65% 98.35% 
Taylor Swift  The Weeknd -4.44% 95.56% 
Harry Styles Lana Del Rey 8.09% 91.91% 
Ariana Grande Post Malone -9.97% 90.03% 
Post Malone Dua Lipa -11.33% 88.67% 
Rihanna Dua Lipa -15.94% 84.06% 
Drake Ariana Grande -17.71% 82.29% 
The Weeknd Billie Eilish -24.31% 75.69% 
Billie Eilish SZA -34.09% 65.91% 10 

Speaking on the findings, Marc Porcar, CEO of QR Code Generator PRO S.L, said: “These findings highlight how artist collaborations can significantly impact fans. When popular artists combine their unique music styles through collaborations, it generates excitement and anticipation among two distinct fan bases.  

“These collaborations not only foster new forms of artistic expression but also boost artist streams, album sales, and concert revenues, showing the significant benefits that these opportunities can bring about. This study illustrates the potential impact of these collaborations within pop culture, showing that they would ignite a worldwide frenzy among fans.” 

Author/ Source: https://qrfy.com  

Data is sourced from Music Metrics Vault – Spotify metrics made easy and Songstats | Music Data Analytics for Artists & Labels