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Demee Koch

Female Founder Spotlight: Demee Koch

5 March 2021|Latest Posts, Meet the Successful Founder

IWD Inspirational Female Founders Spotlight: Demee Koch
IWD Inspirational Female Founders Spotlight: Demee Koch

Demee Koch is a Switzerland-based serial entrepreneur with a solid experience of two decades in the health and beauty industry. With DE MOI BY DEMEE KOCH, she has launched a social and eco-friendly beauty brand that develops high-quality and result-oriented cosmetic products with active ingredients, manufactured according to the principles of honesty and fairness. 

Demee is an advocate for inclusion and women’s empowerment and is actively involved in charity work. In addition to cause-related charitable events, she supports the Lumad tribe in her home country of the Philippines with a scholarship program for education and upward mobility, as well as local female entrepreneurship programs. 

Since 2005, Demee has shared her knowledge of conscious entrepreneurship as a trusted business advisor and director with successful global brands in fitness, fashion and beauty. In 2019, Demee was awarded in Paris as a GLOBAL FWN 100 2019 MOST INFLUENTIAL FILIPINA IN THE WORLD.

What would you love to share with other women to encourage them to start their own business?

Your dream is tied to your purpose. Listen to that burning desire and do it because you have it takes to make it happen. However, it is important to be realistic and to be innovative. Do a brutally honest self audit; know your strength and harness it, embrace your weakness and work on it or hire someone who can do it better. Also learn to filter the noise around you; listen to constructive criticism and mute the rest. Let no one or anything derail your dreams. It is okay to be scared; feel the fear and do it anyways. The secret to making things happen is “go do” but with calculated risk. Remember one life. 

What are your top 5 tips for entrepreneurial success?

Be Purpose Led: We all have our whys and a cause close to our heart. Understand it, define it, embed it in what you do and communicate it through your brand. For example, I always wanted to touch lives. In the field of beauty and fitness, one can spread happiness and empowerment through our craft and giving back can have another layer by extending help to others through skills or financial support. Purpose is key to defining a brand’s identity.

Be Passion Driven: Purpose and passion are intertwined. Passion evokes emotions and captivates attention. Passion will help build your credibility because with passion, not only you will walk the talk, you will always be more than willing to walk the extra miles. For example, I am so passionate about my brand that I never get tired of explaining what we stand for and I personally stand behind it. I am always patiently answering even the simplest questions during unholy hours when I can. People see my passion this way.

Integrity is key. Always deliver a promise or a claim. No sugar coating. Integrity will make your brand gain respect and loyalty. Don’t use the social aspects as marketing tools, e.g. using the social angle of natural or organic ingredients, cruelty-free development, or charity to gain sales are not an honest approach. Fortunately, consumers nowadays look closer into brands. Whatever you are selling, you must ensure that this particular product or service delivers results and maximizes the value for your clients. Also pricing a product that is packaged nicely, but has low-quality inside is a no go.

Be Authentic: Get inspired, but do not copy others. Make sure that you create a unique value for your brand. We can channel our uniqueness in our brand. To be successful nowadays, you do not need to create something totally new, but you can build on what is available.

Collaborate do not Compete: Cooperate with your competitors. Use them as a motivation to do better. Compete ethically and fairly. If you want to stand out, highlight your USP, and let the clients do the rest. After all, the market is big, we can all share it. Avoid at all cost a price war, no one wins in this game.

Who are the top 5 women who inspire you the most?

My Mother 

Mother Theresa

Helen Keller


Jacinda Ardern 

What is your favourite saying/Inspirational quote?

No mud no lotus.

Website and socials

Website: https://www.demee.ch/
Website: https://medium.com/@demeekoch
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/demee.official/